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JenniferMcMackon, Now and Next Minute Upside-down Reversal Photograph, 2004
Untitled, Now and Next Minute Upside-down Reversal Photograph
abutted analogue photographs
variable dimensions

I exhibited a large scale video projection at Stockholm's Konstakuten as part of a photography festival called Xpo-September in 2004. The piece was called Thrill Rides.

When I arrived to install my work, I was offered the use of an adjacent long, narrow and brightly lit hallway space, should I like to create some work on the fly. I recalled the lights I had seen in the harbour the evening of my arrival and made a trip out to Gröna Lund, Stockholm's old and rather enchanting amusement park. It was deserted as it was off season and I set about taking pictures with an analogue point and shoot 35ml camera.

Back in the gallery, the newly gathered material lead to the series of photos you're looking at a selection of here. Working at a small scale, because of the extremely tight nature of the space, I began by abutting successively shot images in such a way that they mirrored one another but not exactly. Then I adhered the images directly to the walls. For the most part, (with some exceptions) the works are untitled, Now and Next Minute Upside-Down Reversal Photographs.